About Patricia

About Patricia

Patience. Kindness. Lightness of being. Depth. These are the gifts Patricia brings to the integrative body/mind/spirit method known as Rubenfeld Synergy. She is honored to share her humble offerings with you on a journey of discovery, trusting your wise body as guide. After years of searching, Patricia has finally made peace with the game of life and found her beautiful place in it. Her eclectic background as a kindergarten and first grade teacher in the Bay Area, a health educator at a fancy cancer hospital in NYC, and a corporate trainer for one of the fastest growing companies in existence was quietly and gently preparing Patricia to help others heal their bodies and their lives.


Bachelor of Arts 1987
Biology/Psychology Double Major
State University of New York at Albany

Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential 1995
Early Childhood Focus
San Francisco State University

Certificate Program Graduate 2012
Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute

Patricia’s Story: How I found Rubenfeld Synergy

At the age of 40, I experienced a major depressive episode and although urged by my family to (again) go on medication, I had an unshakable inner ‘knowing’ that I would get well without medication. I had always believed my depression was desperately trying to communicate something of deep importance. I serendipitously found a healer I really believed in and saw her for a few sessions. She put me on a homeopathic remedy which made my depression much worse, a concept I didn’t even believe was possible. “This is great news,” she said. “Things often get worse as they are on their way out. You will probably need to start working with a therapist in the meantime. I think you would be a good match with a Rubenfeld Synergist.” “A Rubenfeld Synergist?” I thought. I had never heard of this modality. From the age of twenty to forty, I often attended ongoing weekly sessions with some sort of professional to assist me with my despair. I had worked with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, the whole gamut. But Rubenfeld Synergy ~ bodywork that incorporates talk therapy? Hmmm, sounded different. I was willing to give it a try. I called a few synergists in my area until I found the one that felt right for me. And so, I began the most amazing healing journey in my life with Rubenfeld Synergy. Indeed, I have gotten to the roots of my depression. My body (and the listening presence of my synergist) provided all that was needed for my healing. With despair out of the way, there was now room in my system for sunshine and flowers! Let the good times roll!