Being Grounded

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Being Grounded

Being Grounded

Being grounded can lead to something groundbreaking. – Gossip Girl

Being grounded?  What does this mean?  For most of my life, I literally had no idea whatsoever what this meant. I thought it was some kind of esoteric emotional state that was mostly theoretical and also mostly new age-y fluff.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that being grounded was an actual physical experience that would become of primary importance to my overall well-being and success as a therapist.  I did learn about grounding in physics – the process of removing an excess charge on an object  – and never gave it another thought other than getting a shock now and then.  I mean, I was a science girl way back when, but I didn’t think science had a role in any of this.  Did it?

When a negatively charged object is grounded, the excess charge is balanced by the transfer of electrons between the charged object and the ground.  Makes sense, right?  Negative electrons move into the ground and because the ground is so big, this transfer doesn’t upset the overall balance of the ground.  Everybody’s happy:  the negatively charged object is now neutral and planet earth is not negatively affected because of her overall size.

Negatively charged object?  Yep, that was me for most of my life.  Okay, so I may not have been charged up with a negative electron imbalance.  But I can let you know that I was definitely and most often charged up with lots of negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and experiences.  The negativity would breed more negativity. In my forties, I thought, why is my life not working?

One thing I now know is that my life was not working because I was not able to feel my ground and was also not able to recognize when I was not grounded.  The concept of grounding in physics is different for sure than the concept of grounding in regard to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states.  But this idea from physics of letting our charged negativity drain into the earth is very helpful.  That negative energy has to go somewhere, right?  I honestly believe that all negative emotions and all negative experiences are here with beautiful rich lessons for us, if we could only learn to unwrap their mysterious packages and see the gifts inside.

I know that I can also generate and rely on positive energy from the earth.  I went through a difficult time for many years in which I had the (almost) irresistible urge to lay down on the ground dozens of times each day.  I wanted to feel my heart on the ground.  I knew that was just plain weird, so of course, I didn’t do it.  But the urge was very persistent, so I would try to find ways to do it on occasion.  That was the beginning of my heart’s desire for grounding.

So what have I learned about being grounded since then?  One thing is that it is not esoteric and it is not fluff.  It is real.  And it begins with feeling your feet on the ground.  For many of us, there are some things standing in the way of us being able to truly feel our feet on the ground.  We may need help to understand what the big deal is.  Bodywork may help.  Rubenfeld Synergy can most definitely help.

Begin with feeling your feet on the ground.  Sounds like common sense, right?  Start to pay attention to the way you make contact with the ground.  Is your ground supportive, spongy, solid, rocky, uneven, or smooth?  Do you feel connected, energized, supported, nurtured by the ground?  Pay attention.

There is much power in the simple act of starting to pay attention.  You may find that your heart may be seeking something you didn’t even know existed.

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