I Don’t Even Like Kool-Aid…

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I Don’t Even Like Kool-Aid…

I Don’t Even Like Kool-Aid…


Okay, so not to offend anyone here, but after a thorough study of the topic, I have concluded that we have all been duped. From the moment we get here on this big blue spinning rock, we are steeped in a medicalized culture in such an insidious way that the vast majority of us do not ever question it. To question the assumptions we “all” take for granted is sacrilege. I know this in a very intimate way because people get hotly angry with me, think I am completely nuts, and assume I am outrageously irresponsible because I question all of it.

A Course In Miracles teaches that the body is a learning device for the mind. What would it be like to consider that the things that happen to the body are for us, not against us? There is a mass hypnotization in our culture that bad things happen randomly to the body. Under this umbrella, I boldly include genetic predisposition, “random” accidents, environmental exposures, all of it… I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt, that every, every everything that happens to the body is FOR you. In my work with clients, and also in my own journey toward health, I have consistently witnessed that when there is an injury to a specific part of the body, there was already something ‘brewing’ there before the injury. Sounds far out, I know. But if you consistently look for the connection, you will find it.

Our emotional wounds take hold in very specific ways in the body. The pain of everyone in your early years making fun of you (and having no idea whatsoever what to do with you) for being so sensitive may have knocked your present immune system completely offline. The absolute need to protect your heart so fiercely may have manifested in chronic shoulder pain, as the shoulder has been desperately attempting protection of the heart all these years. The prolonged uneasiness of not belonging in any meaningful way may now wreak havoc with your hormones. The deep despair of being neglected as a baby may have settled in your hip because you energetically left your body and ‘ripped’ yourself out at that location. Again, this all sounds far out, I know. But the things that happen to us in our lives are in the body. And they are there for us. To learn something.

But the mass hypnotic state prevents our openness to this possibility.

Think about it. The language we use demonstrates that the medical world is to us like water is to the fish. We are swimming in it and we do not ever ever question it, do not even know how immersed we are in it. Overhearing a mom talk about a child with a cold at a cafe last week:  “I’ve decided it’s time to take her in.” Take her ‘in’? In where? Of course, I know what she meant. Take her in to the doctor. Take her in to the expert. Take her in to find out (from the outside) what is wrong. Take her in for testing. Take her in for medicine. Take her in to feel safer knowing something is being done.

Of course, I am not suggesting that we do not ‘go in’ when necessary. What I am suggesting however, that we spend more time going IN. Going inside. Going in to ask for inner guidance on what our illness is for. Going in to listen to the aches and pains. Going in to befriend the discomfort; you may learn something that surprises you. Going in to meditate for insight about the past from what is going on in the present with the body. Going in to consider that the things you are doing/eating/thinking/holding on to are affecting your health.

Going in, just beginning to consider that you yourself are the highest expert on your body. The hypnotized fixation on giving our power away when it comes to our bodies, our health is pervasive; we all drank that Kool-Aid. But I really do want you to consider, even if just for a moment, the possibility that you are indeed the highest expert on your body. That your body is FOR you, not against you.

Believe… and begin the bodymind adventure. Then hold on tight, it’ll be quite a ride. Your body has been waiting all this time for you to listen.


  1. Dear Patricia,

    I am so excited for you to be conveying this message to people. It seems a little scary, to think that we (GASP!) unconsciously created all the DIS-EASES (un-ease) in our bodies. YET, I KNOW you are on the right track. The only way to truly heal something is to really listen, REALLY LISTEN to the message that is being conveyed. You are a true health warrior and i support and enjoy the work that you do.

    • Charlie,

      Thank you SO much for your support. It means the world ~ and as we both fully embody our roles as healers, I know we will continue to support each other. Let’s share the message of REALLY LISTENING together!!!


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