Embodied Heart Support Group

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Embodied Heart Support Group

Embodied Heart Support Group

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Let’s come together for support! It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world out there; CAN YOU FEEL IT? Of course you can! You are sensitive. Allow yourself to get in a rhythm of self care with a weekly support group. This group for sensitive women will provide the healing container for you to finally begin to breathe into trusting life. Ongoing group begins Wednesday, September 7th.

When I say I’ve been on the long road of healing, I mean it in a bit of a different context than others mean it. I mean I’ve been on that long road with a singularity of purpose. I focused almost exclusively on my desire to come home to myself. I know others are able to do this as they do other things in life too. Marriage, kids, etc. But me ~ I had to come home first. I never married or had kids, nor did I settle into a lucrative career. I did not even nurture myself into a comfortable home. I’m pretty envious of others who have been able to be, do or have all of the richness of the full range of human experiences, as they are concurrently coming home to themselves.

And then, of course, there are those who are just having the experiences and are not coming home to themselves at all. Just really distracting themselves from the truth of who they are, of what they want out of life, of their deepest fears. Me, I’m pretty much not into distracting myself from who I am. Maybe you are tiring of distracting yourself too.  After my relentless stripping away that which is not me, I know now who I am.

I am peace. I am love. I am compassion.

I am at home ~ In my body. In my heart. In my soul.

I am open. I am free. I am guided.

Somehow I came to planet earth with a persistent knowing that I was supposed to be happy. And if I was not happy, I had to keep digging to find out why. I was raised in a culture that was very judging of things outside of the norm. And me? Outside of the norm, alright. You? Maybe you are outside of the norm too. I secretly think we all are; it’s just a matter of our comfort level with finding out who we really are. Are you ready to stop distracting yourself?

The feedback I’ve received over the years is that others feel safe with me; that they can reveal things to me that they have never told others before; that I help them believe that the universe is a friendly place; that I coax them into believing that every, every everything happens for a reason; that they are inspired by the full abandon with which I trust in life.

It is now time for me to offer these gifts to others in the format of an ongoing support group. These are trying times, especially for sensitive people. Go outside of your comfort zone and take the pledge to continue uncovering who you really are. I myself have been helped immensely by a group of women with whom I come together for support and I wanted to be able to offer that level of support to others.

Beginning Wednesday, September 7th, 6:30 pm -8:15 pm. Email Patricia at portlandsynergy@gmail.com to reserve your spot. $50 – $80 per month. 2225 N Lombard St. Portland

What will you receive by signing up for “Embodied Heart”?

  • Come together with other women to give and receive support.
  • Tune in with somatic awareness techniques to help you come home to yourself.
  • Learn exercises to soothe yourself when you experience anxiety or stress.
  • Get a spiritual ‘reframe’ on real life situations you find yourself in.
  • Practice conversations in a setting where the other side is not ‘charged’.
  • Come as you are! You are welcome here…

Who has supported you along the way? I hope to be on your future list! I could not be standing here today in strength without a LOT of support along the way, specifically six amazing women who have helped me come home:


Continue to expand the people on your support team. Needing and seeking out support is beautiful growth for most people. See you in September, loves!


  1. I’d like to give it a try.

    • Great Susanna! I’ll count you in. Looking forward to it.

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