Empowered Sensitivity Intensive – What It Is And Who May Need It

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Empowered Sensitivity Intensive – What It Is And Who May Need It

Empowered Sensitivity Intensive – What It Is And Who May Need It

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If you are a sensitive person, you are very likely well aware of the negative aspects of your ‘gift’. You may even raise an eyebrow at the suggestion that your sensitivity is a gift at all. But I am here to boldly assure you that it is. And furthermore, I am going to go out on a limb and state it is a gift that you will someday treasure. If you are not yet fully embracing your sensitivity and bringing its bounty of blessings into your own life and out into the world, you may want to consider the Empowered Sensitivity Class.

You have probably been told that you are too sensitive in some of the following ways: “Just get over it.” “Why do you take everything so seriously?” “Don’t let things get to you.” “Try to have a thicker skin.” “Can’t you ever turn that part of your brain off?” “Do we have to talk about this again? We talked about that last week!” “You just make yourself crazy with things.”

You have probably felt the ‘curse’ of your sensitivity in some of the following ways: Being drained by things that other people seem to be able to handle. Feeling unmanageable pain in your physical body with no identifiable cause. Needing more rest than other people you know. Sensing that you are living a life that you yourself have not chosen. Wondering why it has been so hard for you to get your life on track.

Maybe you’re not even sure that you are sensitive, but would like to develop more sensitivity within yourself, toward yourself. As you learn to listen more deeply to yourself, you will begin a journey of discerning which voices inside are yours and which have been imprinted so deeply onto you, into you, that they feel like yours. There are ways to get clear on what is you and what is not you. This is the power of sensitivity. Once you can learn to listen to the voices inside that are yours and only yours, you will have begin developing a relationship with the most reliable guidance system available. It’s like your own personal compass designed to get you to the things that have meaning for you.

If you decide to enroll in the online Empowered Sensitivity Intensive, you will receive seven daily emails with video prompts of each day’s assignments. The daily assignments will have a creative component (engages the right brain, your new best friend!), a journal exploration, and a movement exercise to invite you to feel your body. The topics covered are designed to lead you to a progressively deeper inquiry into your own thoughts and feelings. If you are not sure why feeling yourself and your feelings is important, check out Why Feeling Yourself Is The Bomb Diggity.

The time is now to step into YOUR AUTHENTIC LIFE. If you are willing to commit to the work, this class will open the floodgate into the power of your sensitivity. The world needs your sensitivity. You need this class. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Sound fun? Register here:  http://portlandsynergy.com/events/

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