SPRING into Empowered Sensitivity

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SPRING into Empowered Sensitivity


Join Patricia for an online intensive – Empowered Sensitivity, March 15th – April 4th. Receive morning emails spread out over three weeks with Patricia’s video prompt of assignments, along with suggestions of other powerful ways to start feeling yourself. It’s a great commitment to yourself this SPRING! A total of seven emails with videos and creative prompts will be sent out March 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th, 30th, and April 2nd with a wrap up on April 4th.  This pace allows for a bit of breathing room between assignments compared with the previously offered seven day intensive. The course is designed to be an individual reflective process and although there will be an opportunity to share with others in a private Facebook group, many participants choose to make this class an inner journey. Video assignments are viewed in the privacy of one’s own home on the viewer’s own schedule and there is no need to share assignments or insights with anyone else. I, however, do love to hear about the insights and see the assignments; participants are welcome to share as much as they would like with me.

Sign up now for the online Intensive at $97.00 ~ OR for an additional $12.00, receive a 30 minute Skype or Facetime Synergy session with Patricia. Your chance to get a taste of how Synergy can help you come home to yourself. Choose the life you want now and begin to trust YOURSELF this year; the world needs your sensitivity. And your time for authentic empowerment is long overdue.



  1. today is 1.19.15. are you still offering the online intensive?
    please advise. thank you.

    • Hi Juliahna,
      The next Empowered Sensitivity will be beginning March 15th. Please let me know if I may answer any questions for you!!! Hope to ‘see’ you there. In reality, you will see me, but I will not see you!
      warmly, Patricia

  2. Hi Juliahna,
    Thank you for your interest! I will be offering the class again at the end of February. I will keep you posted.
    much warmth,

  3. Last call for registering! Hope to meet you soon, Juliahna!

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