Feeling Your Feelings

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Feeling Your Feelings

Feeling Your Feelings

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Yesterday was a great day. I woke up at six, went to my neighborhood hipster cafe with my macbook pro (where I was surrounded by creative people doing creative things on their macbook pros), and wrote a post about being numb. I wrote it because someone had asked if I thought my Empowered Sensitivity class would be appropriate for them because they weren’t so sure they were sensitive, but they knew for sure that they were numb. I know this person and I know for sure that they are indeed quite sensitive. So I felt called to write a post to speak to others who may have the same question.

Later in the day I worked with a client who has recently begun the process of trusting herself, of trusting her journey, of trusting her sensitivity, her pace. She is in her forties and was quite numb until about six months ago. As I was gently making contact with her body and inviting safety for her to be herself, I was blown away at how everything that was coming up in the session was in the blogpost I had written earlier that morning. I had the words to use in the session because I had written them down just a few hours prior. It was this amazing synchronicity and I was so honored to be of service in this way to her and to her journey.

Synchronicity. Flow. Movement. Excitement. Presence. Service. Love.

What if life could be like that all the time? Or most of the time? Is it even possible? If imagining this possibility touches a tender place or a wounded place in you, I believe you are being called to make some big changes in 2015. You too can have synchronicity, flow, movement, excitement. You can have love. You can love yourself. You can love your life.

“But I’m miserable. I’m depressed. I’m stuck in a cycle of despair. I have never ending grief. I’m terrified of change. I don’t know how to move forward.”


“My life is actually pretty good. I have figured a lot of things out, but I still feel like something is missing. I feel lonely and I don’t know why.”

Yes, I hear you. If you are feeling any of these things, I extend a gentle invitation to you to begin listening to your feelings as if they are mysterious helpers locked up in a treasure chest. That’s how amazing your feelings are. They are the MOST amazing when we open up the treasure chest and bring them out into the light of day. When we bring our feelings out into the open and follow where they take us, we begin the true adventure of the most uncommon journey. When we can follow where our feelings take us with curiosity and trust, they unfold and blossom and show us the next step to take.

People sometimes go two miles down the road in their mind and say, “I can’t do that! If I follow my feelings, I have to leave my partner and I don’t know how to financially support myself.” So they think that that whole feeling your feelings thing is not for them.

But what feeling your feelings shows you is the next step. Not two miles down the road. Just the next step. We don’t know where the feelings will take us. Maybe as you shift, your relationship with your partner will shift and you will be happy together. Maybe as you shift, you will be inspired with a new project that brings in a lot of money. Maybe as you shift, you will invite more space for new ideas of how life can work. We don’t know until we take the next step.

The next step is small. When I taught kindergarten and the littles were getting ready to become first graders, they would sometimes confide in me, “I’m so scared of first grade. I don’t know how to do the homework in first grade.” I assured them that since they knew how to do the homework in kindergarten, the homework in first grade was going to be just right for them.

The next step is small. You are going to know how to do the homework in first grade. You are going to be handle the next step that your feelings will ask of you. I know it.

Feeling feelings is one thing we will look at in the seven day Empowered Sensitivity Intensive. Some of the other topics we will dive into are: Deconstructing Right and Wrong; Every, Every, Everything Happens For A Reason; Trusting Yourself/Trusting Your Life. Sound fun? Sign Up Here: http://portlandsynergy.com/events

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