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“Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go – purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything . . . whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.”  - Tina Turner

Wow. This statement is bold. B O capital L D. Get rid of the things that you are unhappy with? What would happen if people really did this? I seriously am having trouble imagining what our world would look like if people got rid of things that they were unhappy with.

We are all specialists, to one degree or another, of enduring. We endure jobs we hate.  After all, it’s called work for a reason, right? We endure relationships that keep us small. Who do you think you are expecting so much of life? We endure illness because we do not think we have any control of our own health. We endure pain, choosing to bury it under many layers of distraction, rather than heading into it directly. Which would likely allow the pain to heal. 

What if we really did allow ourselves to get rid of things that we were unhappy with? Without having to endure so much strife and unhappiness, maybe we could actually choose happiness. Choose creativity. Choose ease. Choose playfulness. Choose love.

My life has been a long series of getting rid of things. I’ve gotten rid of jobs, people,  places, things, philosophies, ideas, lifestyles. It’s been a staggering amount of change over the past twenty five years of growing my way into myself. I somehow had a very clear sense, thank Goddess, that I was not supposed to be unhappy. So I had no problem leaving things behind if they did not make me happy. Some people judged my life telling me that I was “running away and just needed to commit to something even if it didn’t make me happy.” In the committment, they told me, I could find acceptance of not expecting too much out of life. And settle into a calm life.

Yet, there were very deep seated and wise reasons for me needing to prove to myself that I could leave situations that were not healthy for me. So left I did. And in the leavings, I proved to myself beyond the shadow of a doubt that I could leave bad situations. I needed to prove to myself that I could leave a bad situation because unfortunately, there was a time when I was in a very unsafe situation and could not leave.

Once I made the connection that I was indeed tackling an important issue with all the leaving, my view of myself changed dramatically. I now saw that I was overcoming a limitation, succeeding time and time again although others told me I would fail. I was able to reframe my entire life in a new way:  I was successful. I was a grand success, as a matter of fact. You can’t leave that job, they would say. What about your retirement? The economy is bad. You would be crazy to give up the stability of that position. You need to stick with something. You’re not twenty five years old any more. You can’t quit a job without having a new job lined up.

And yet, each time I would leave, I would land solidly on my feet. Again and again.

Now I am ready to stay. To stay in Portland. To stay in a career. To build a home. To commit to things. And to keep expecting a huge amount from life. I am so blessed to be so truly free. I am not afraid of losing anything at all. Life brings anew. Again and again. Life brings new opportunities, people, love. Again and again.

Love. Again and again. Be not afraid. Life brings anew. Again and again. You are safe. What do you need to get rid of? Freedom awaits.


  1. This one is really inspiring me! I am inspired to let go, move on, and not be so…AFRAID! The fear of what could be is worse than what might actually happen… Which would most likely be …freedom! Happiness! And best of all-interesting! Thank you for writing this– I love the TinaTurner quote in the beginning and I love your words of wisdom at the end…thank you

  2. Wow. Truely inspiring as the reply before me has mentioned. I stumbled upon this post while I was searching for an image that depicted freedom and your image brought me here and I am so glad. Sometimes things like this happen and you think, it happened for a reason not by chance. Life works in mysterious ways they say.

    I love the Tina turner quote but for some people, it’s easier said then done. You are right about how much we endure in life and I think it’s like you say we all have had others tell us, that’s life try to be happy with what you have. My life also has been a constant series of changes but unfortunately I have yet to land on my feet and I wonder time to time if I ever will. Could I be one of the unlucky ones:( I hope not.

    I will keep these words in mind, thank you for sharing:)

    “Life brings anew. Again and again. Life brings new opportunities, people, love. Again and again.

    Love. Again and again. Be not afraid. Life brings anew. Again and again. You are safe. What do you need to get rid of? Freedom awaits.”

    • Rose, I am so happy you “happened” upon this post. There are no coincidences; perhaps I wrote the post just for you. I believe very strongly that those of us that have had a hard time landing on our feet need to get more grounded in the body in order to do so. Your sensitivity is a gift that the world needs. Once the sensitivity has legs to stand on, it will unleash its loving POWER on the world. Keep on the path. Peace and love.

      • Oh thank you Patricia! That is so wonderful of you to say. I willl keep on trying to stand strong. Thanks again!

  3. Firstly I have to thank my friend Rose who sent me this to read and for coming back in my life. We had lost contact for a few years because of all the struggles we were both dealing with. I love the Tina Turner quote – it’s so true and I have actually done just that when telling my husband that I was leaving. I feel so much more like my true self now!! “It is not worth hanging on to something when we are unhappy”.

    Just like the song by Kelly Clarkson called “stronger” – whatever does not kill us makes us stronger!! I have many issues to still overcome but I know that I can do it.
    I will post your writing about FREEDOM and read it everyday to remind me and motivate me to start off my day on the right foot!!!

    • Hi Laura,

      I am so happy to hear you are finding your way to your true self and I am honored to know that my writing has inspired you. I believe very much that you can and WILL overcome your issues. Just take one small step at a time and before you know it, your old challenges will be replaced by challenges that engage and excite you.

      Speaking of starting your day on the right foot, you may be interested in my post about grounding!

      Much love,

      • Thank you so much Patricia for more of your inspiring words. I am so grateful to you and Rose for leading me to your website. I will definitely read your post about grounding and all of your other posts as well!!

        Best Wishes to you, Patricia and Thanks again.


        • Thinking of you as you embark into the new territories of your life. Remember, fear feels similar to excitement in the body. Just pretend it is all excitement…

  4. Patricia. I’ve been thinking of you so much and was so glad you put this link on Facebook. Well said. About doing what is right for you, knowing that we deserve to be happy, and then the freedom to commit, too. I’m so glad to hear you’re committed to building the life you envision and desire right where you are. It’s already there, anyway, just waiting to be unfolded.
    What I love most about you is your optimism. No matter how dark some days seem, or how often you can seem to be on the damn roller coaster, you know and trust that ultimately, all is well, “And to keep expecting a huge amount from life.”
    I feel so blessed to have you and your relentless pursuit of Full-out-Living, no matter what that looks like, in my life. You’re always an inspiration.
    PS let’s talk soon!


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