Life’s Whispers

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Life’s Whispers

Life’s Whispers

“There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.”    – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

A few days ago, I was strangely a key player in a car accident, yet completely uninvolved. A rare sunny spring day in Portland, I was walking home from the market, my neighborhood co-op, and was ready to cross a fairly busy street by my house. There was a crosswalk and although cars are supposed to stop for pedestrians, many do not. A large pickup truck had kindly stopped for me to cross; inside were two Portland city workers with friendly faces. I waited for several moments to see what the cars behind them were going to do. Sometimes, cars will speed up to pass the stopped car, so I wanted to ensure that both lanes of traffic traveling in that direction were stopped before starting to cross. As I watched one car behind the truck continuing down the street, it occurred to me in a moment that the car was neither going to stop nor pull around and pass the truck. I watched in disbelief as it slammed into the truck at full speed. The driver of the car, a man who appeared to be in his sixties, said that he looked down for just a second at the wrong moment. As an observer, I would clearly state that his eyes, or his attention, or both were off the road for considerably more than a second or two, as he had been quite a bit behind the truck.

Curiously, the guys in the truck quickly jumped out and asked if I was okay.  I was still on the sidewalk, so obviously, I was completely fine. The Portland city workers were okay too. And the man in the car was, surprisingly to me, okay too, but his car looked just about totaled. While we waited for the police to arrive, I considered how strange it was to be involved in this way. If I had not been crossing the street at that moment, the accident would not have happened. And yet, it did.

With much gratitude for having evolved into this philosophy, I very strongly believe that every, every, everything happens on purpose with an offering for us to learn more about love. Including things like the minor to major inconvenience for those involved in this accident. I trust that this event happened for some very good reason in the big fabric of life. Maybe there was a reason the man needed to be without his car for a while. Maybe his wife will need to drive him around and their relationship will get closer. Maybe he is an alcoholic and this was an opportunity to think about changing his behavior before something more serious happens. A close call, a wake up call. Maybe he has dementia and this was an opportunity for his family to make the difficult decision that it is not safe for him to be driving. I will never know what this accident means in his life.

One thing that I do know for me is that life is not a series of random events.

In my experience, the Universe (or God, or fate, or life, or whatever you are comfortable with calling the larger fabric of which we are all critical threads) talks to us through our life experience. Life whispers to us at first. Tiny whispers to make changes in our lives. Psst. Stop drinking coffee. Move away from that relationship. Go to that meeting. It is so very challenging to hear the whispers. Whispers among the shouting cacophony of everyday life. Really, only the masters hear the whispers. The whispers may tell us to do something that goes against conventional wisdom. Quit that job. 

If we cannot hear or respond to these whispers, the message gets a bit louder. Maybe we have a minor car accident on the way to work. Maybe we develop acid reflux from the coffee. We may in fact hear the message this time around, but may not clearly understand that it is an offering for us, an opportunity for us to see and to change our behavior. The love offering, so generously orchestrated for us, may unfortunately may be another opportunity missed. It’s pretty radical, after all, to see something like a car accident as an offering of love. More clearly stated, an offering to change something in our lives so that we may experience more love.

The followup offering, if we have not been wise enough to listen to the previous, relatively gentle, opportunities, gets a bit louder. Maybe we see and ask, “Why is this happening again?” And if our hearts and minds are closed and we still do not get the message to change our behavior, we may receive yet another followup offering as a loud (or even as a screaming loud) message. I think major illness is a screaming loud message. Something you are doing is not working for your body. Some way of thinking, or eating, or being is not working for you.There likely have been small clues along the way. But now life is screaming out loud at you to make changes.

Is life whispering to you to make changes? Oh dear, is life screaming at you? What’s it like to consider that your life is not a series of random events? Illness is not a random event. Accidents are not random events. Are you listening to life and to the events of your life? What may you need to change? Open to the possibility of learning to listen while the messages are gentle. Gentle brings more gentle; ask your brave heart to be open to and hear the gentle whispers.


  1. Nice essay. Hope a lot of people read it and begin to understand their relationships with God, with the universe, with others and even with themselves. In my life I have received many “awarenesses” apparently unrelated to the situation at hand only to realize at some later date the true meaning of the message. But, when the pain gets bad enough….

    Glad you’re doing well and enjoying life.


  2. Thanks for reading. That is very sweet…

  3. Patricia,

    I loved reading this- very engaging- thought provoking..inviting me to
    consider the possibility…your gentleness along with your surety of meaning
    draws me into the journey of discovery. What is my life…my body whispering to me?
    I am listening.

    • Thank you Noel. I am honored to know that you have read and enjoyed this post. As challenging as the first half (?!) of my life has been, it has allowed me to integrate the unshakeable belief that *it* (ALL OF IT!) is on purpose. I am grateful, beyond measure, as I understand the treasure of this belief. Not only in my life, but for others as well. Knowing that my struggle will help others brings so much peace with the knowledge that it has all been worth it. And as I study more about consciousness, I am more and more convinced that we, as Rubenfeld Synergists are on the absolute cutting edge of something HUGE!

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