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“Do Not Put Those Unwanted Ingredients in Your Pie.” Abraham Hicks

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I had a very disturbing experience at Newark Airport yesterday. I went to a restaurant where you were exclusively ‘served’ via an iPad. There were some actual human servers around to bring your food, but no one interacted with anyone. No eye contact, no greeting, no friendliness, NO CONNECTION. You ordered your food and paid on the iPad with your credit card. It was the weirdest thing ever! I hated it!!!!! Is this a thing??????????? Oh, and unbeknownst to me, they automatically added on a 20% tip for the service.

The non-service ‘service’ experience came after spending five days at the earthy and peaceful Pearlstone Retreat Center in Reisterstown, Maryland for a Rubenfeld Synergy conference. I can’t remember ever feeling more welcomed into a physical space. There was just a very very welcoming vibe there. I re-visited their website to learn more about what philosophies, attitudes, people, etc., make them so special and saw that their very first ‘core value’ listed is warm hospitality. The intention of that was absolutely felt.

So what is the intention behind the iPad restaurant? Fast service? I certainly don’t want fast service without feeling welcome. High tech bonus points? I am not impressed. Riding the wave of Apple obsession? I get it; I’m obsessed too. (On my Macbook Pro right now with my iPhone right nearby.)

It confuses me when I try to imagine what intention is behind creating a restaurant where human connection is taken out of the equation. Food is at the very heart of nourishment; it is at the center of how we nourish ourselves, nurture ourselves, or allow ourselves to be nurtured by others. Food is so intricately interwoven with our very earliest experiences of being nurtured that I believe it is unwise to try to separate them. When I hear people talking about ‘bad’ food or that they themselves are ‘bad’ in relation to food, my heart sinks. Food is not bad. And my goodness, no one is bad for trying to nurture themselves. Even if they miss the mark! Yes, chemicals in our food are probably mostly bad. But even food with the chemicals, if received in the spirit of really listening to what it is we are trying to take in when eating that food can be nurturing. As we slow down and pay attention while we are eating, we begin, over time, to hear what it is that we are really needing. And as we pay attention more and more to what we are really needing, our relationship with food changes and we are drawn more and more to eating foods that actually do truly nourish us. Fresh, local, organic foods. Junk food loses its appeal. Fast food loses its appeal. iPad restaurants disturb us.

As someone who struggled with food addiction in the past, I have SO much compassion for people that struggle with food. If you are struggling with food, you may be struggling with your ability to receive deep and sustaining nourishment. If you want some assistance in slowing down and paying attention to what your body is really craving, you may want to consider a visit to a Rubenfeld Synergist. We are here to love and serve….

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