On Being Sensitive In An Insensitive World…

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On Being Sensitive In An Insensitive World…

On Being Sensitive In An Insensitive World…

Do you notice everything? Do you notice sounds, noises, lights? Slights, dismissals, injuries? Do you notice how people carry themselves? Or maybe the way they don’t carry themselves; oh dear, perhaps they slump right in on their own heart? Maybe you yourself do. Ouch. Do you notice the look on a child’s face when their wisdom or curiosity is shut down? When someone seems to experience being seen, supported, cherished? Or when they are disheartened?

If you are noticing these kind of things around you, I’m guessing the world may be a bit of a painful place for you. So many people notice SO little; you may seem to notice everything. You have probably heard the litany of put downs, under the guise of trying to  ‘help you along’ in the world.

“You’re too sensitive.”  “Just move on; why do you get stuck on things?” “Doesn’t your brain ever stop?” “Why do you let things bother you?” “Just suck it up like everyone else.” “Don’t take everything so personally.”

But for you, it is personal. It’s personal because you have felt the slights. You have felt the disrespect; the bulldoze of ‘help’.

However, here is a new twist:  What if your sensitivity is actually the most precious talent you possess? What if your deep noticing is something the world actually needs to get to the next level of evolution? What if your sensitivity is the thing that will allow you to succeed in life in all the material ways you never could have imagined?

It is time. It is time for your sensitivity to be honored, to be honed, to be cherished and loved for the amazing gift it is. I read a lot about being a sensitive person, but I do not read a lot about taking this journey of sensitivity all the way. Noticing you are sensitive is a good step on the journey. Noticing you seem to feel other people’s stuff is a good step on the journey. Noticing that the mall drains you is a good step on the journey.

But that is NOT the place to stop on this journey. If you continue on the empowered sensitivity journey, I trust you will find that you have a special gift. You may discover that you have an undeniably powerful tool that not everyone else has called FEELING YOURSELF. I cannot overstate how important this talent is. Feeling yourself is something the world needs to see modeled. We have so few examples of people really feeling themselves. It is so important.

Look for more coming tomorrow on feeling yourself and why it is valuable. I promise you it is!

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