Three Tips to Move Toward Empowered Sensitivity

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Three Tips to Move Toward Empowered Sensitivity

Three Tips to Move Toward Empowered Sensitivity

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By now, almost everyone has heard the term “Highly Sensitive Person”. I have to admit, I bristle when I hear that term. Everything I read about HSPs seems to focus on how it is that we can adapt ourselves to the ‘normal’ world. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot there, but part of our sensitivity is learning about our true yes’s and no’s ~ and for me, 98% of the stuff I read on HSP is a ‘no’. What seems clear to me is that the world has not yet embraced the gifts that sensitive people can bring to the party. Remarkably though, many of the insights sensitive people glean from our deep dives into the psyche are applicable to almost everyone. So even if you do not consider yourself a sensitive person, read on!

As a sensitive person who has found some solid ground on which to stand, I feel at times like a pioneer. Something inside drove me to believe in myself, even when others did not believe in me. ‘They’ told me to do the things that they did. That is how I would find my way, they said. A shaky little voice inside said ‘No, there is a different way.’ Here are three of the most important tools I have found to bolster that shaky voice that was trying to stand up for me.

Find a way to remove yourself from all outside stimulation for a period of time. This could be a daily ritual such as meditation or a weekend at a cabin by yourself. As a sensitive person, you have the ‘double edged sword’ of absorbing other people’s stuff and being told you are not experiencing what you are experiencing. I am here to plant a seed that you are feeling things and much of what you are feeling is likely not yours. It takes a LOT of solitude to truly be able to feel yourself.

Take a break from your loudest critics. The voices of criticism are crushing for a lot of sensitive people because words and energies are felt so deeply. While the criticism being spouted is actually not about you but about the person delivering the criticism, this can be tricky to tease out. Know that for some of us, time away from the criticism is needed to feel strong enough to be able to differentiate this.

Find outside support. Wounding happens in relationship; healing has to happen in relationship. We can do a lot of healing on our own, but the really deep healing happens in therapeutic relational repair. When navigating such challenging territory as how to stand in power (while possessing qualities the world does not yet value), you want to work with someone who knows the value of your deep sensitivity. Reach out for help!!!

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