Why Feeling Yourself Is The Bomb Diggity

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Why Feeling Yourself Is The Bomb Diggity

Why Feeling Yourself Is The Bomb Diggity

Feel Yourself

When I was small, there were many “truths” I swallowed hook, line, and sinker. When you grew up, you were supposed to do certain things. Like, get a job, have health insurance, stay at said job a long time, send cards at the right time, fit yourself into the fabric that is around you… You know, settle down.

But I never could seem to do those things. I had some amazing jobs, sure. Health educator, elementary school teacher, training manager. Those were some awesomesauce jobs. But staying at the job ~ not quite my forte. Sending the cards? Didn’t always happen. Fitting into the fabric around me never felt like a good fit.

I once had a boyfriend tell me that you just have to eventually choose someone and marry them because that is what growing up was.

Fuck growing up.

Why do people think that they have to do anything? Who told you that growing up means marriage and children? If you have the courage to listen deeply inside, you may find that you have a different compass about what growing up means. Maybe the whole idea of growing up is overrated anyway.

When people think about ‘growing up’, I think it is possible that they are actually referring to ‘locking in’ security. Locking in security is an illusion at best. But so many people choose it as a strategy in life. Marriage = security. Job = security. Children = security. Money, support, someone to love you forever = security.

But what if your path is about the way deeper version of locking in security? What if you were meant to find a ground SO solid that not much at all could shake it? The path to this kind of delicious security involves a commitment to listening to yourself. Listening to yourself outside of the illusions of life that society has misted onto you. Listening to yourself outside of what anyone expects of you. Outside of what anyone wants from you. Listening to yourself even if what you hear goes against the very fabric of life that you have known and bought, hook, line, and sinker.

False security is not security.

Listening to yourself invites the fierce path of finding real security. In my experience, when we surrender to our deep selves in this way, life allows the journey to unfold in the most gentle and delicious way. Feeling yourself and listening to yourself is a rare path. But when you encounter a person who does it, you know it.

It is time for you to start listening, to start feeling yourself. Sure, there is some clearing away of other people’s stuff that needs to happen first. But if you stay on the path, the treasures are bountiful. Your authentic life is calling.

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  1. Not ready to do your course right now but want this kind of healing work. All analysed out!
    Can you put me on your mailing list?

    • You got it Jeanette! Newsletter coming soon. Thank you.

    • Hi Jeanette, Wanted to let you know about another run of the course: http://portlandsynergy.com/events/ Hope to ‘see’ you soon! ~Patricia

  2. Hi Patricia, I want to be on the list to sign up for your class. It looks awesome. Thinking of you–you seem to be there (albeit virtually) right when I need you. love love love Mary

  3. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve felt out of sync with most of the world around me. I just couldn’t figure it out. I thought it was something wrong with me. I kept trying to get on board with all the security illusions and they just seemed like smoke and mirrors to me. Again, I kept wondering what the heck I was doing wrong. Thank you, Patricia, for helping this lost soul find a path to follow home.

    • Susanna, I am honored that you took the time to read my post. You are a deeply sensitive soul and I trust that your sensitivity has a deep purpose in this life. It’s such a long challenging road for those of us that are the most sensitive, but it is time for us to claim its power. Sending you a big hug and thoughts of FLYING!

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